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For over thirty years I've devoted a good amount of time to creating new percussion instruments with new sounds.

I make a "line" of unique mallet percussion as well as custom, experimental, and one of a kind marimbas and musical instruments. My customers are professionals, schools, science and children's museums, playgrounds, music therapy centers, and total novices. All musical instruments are well built for years of playing. They're available in pentatonic, diatonic, and chromatic tunings (see "About Tunings"), as well as custom and experimental tunings.

My Shop is off grid and solar powered; Many of the instruments are made from repurposed or sustainably harvested materials.

Check out this mini documentary on me and some of my instruments


I'll be upgrading this site and adding new instruments occasionally .

So, save a bookmark and stay tuned....
Look, listen, play, let me know how I can help your musical explorations.

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