This  engaging"wall" of instruments includes several of mine. The "wall" was designed by Vicky Flessner of PLAYceMAKER; and installed by Brian Somerville.


It's always a joy to sell musical instruments for playgrounds. I love the fact that the instruments are explored and played to their full potential. With thirty years + experience creating instruments for outside, playground use, I've learned how to make them both quite sturdy, and quite beautiful sounding. 

 Below are some of my "line" of musical instruments I've made for  playgrounds. Most of them I tune pentatonicaly to concert pitch, but any tuning is possible. I regularly make the instruments shown, but I also delight in custom instruments and new designs, so please share your ideas and wishes.

I'm happy to say that most of my steel musical instruments are made using old, repurposed metals. 
Please check out my new, dedicated Whale Drum  and Fungipnone page.

Thanks!  Jim Doble



Made from spruce "2x4s". The Amadinda has a bright clear resonant sound. It's most fun to play and sounds fullest with 2-4 players. There are no sour notes as the tuning is pentatonic. This can easily hang from trees, posts, whatever...  (stands sold separately)

Finished spruce Amadinda 12 notes (6'x3', ).....$295
Extra heavy duty Stand(shown)......$175
Extra mallets (comes with 6)..... $15 / pr.

Please Specify if it's for indoor or outdoor use for finishing purposes.
For outside rough use it's recommended you install posts to hang the Amadinda, or hang from trees, etc.

For installation suggestions click here.

For Background info on the Amadinda click here.

Heavy Duty African Mahogany Amadinda

Made from sustainably harvested African Mahogany, this will last a long time in just about any outdoor environment. It has a bright, resonant tone similar to the regular Amadinda, but slightly more uniform resonance. The one pictured has attached mallets.

The legs can either be elongated to plant into the ground or  come with brackets to attach to a fitting or deck. 

One like this goes for $1,350
Without attached mallets, $1150
Without legs or att. mallets, $950

For dimensions click here.


Heavy Duty and SHD Whale Drums, and Fungiphones!

Very popular heavy duty versions of my Whale Drum made from old repurposed propane tanks.
The sound is deep and very resonant and "gongy".

These have become so popular, and have evolved so many options, that they now have their own Whale Drum page

Shown hear are 24" whale drums and  a 30" Fungiphone.

For pricing and options, please go to my dedicated Whale Drums and Fungiphones page.


Mama Stonaphone

The keys are made from black granite, recycled from 1 1/8" thick counter top leftovers. The sound is very surprisingly resonant, bright and clear.

The one pictured at left has attached mallets (played on the ends of the keys). Indoor options and loose, round headed mallets are also available.
Pictured at left is the most popular version, with attached mallets, which goes for $1,600
With mallets not attached (at right), $1,450
With no legs and unattached mallets, $1,150
Extra unattached mallets- $15/ pair  
Approximately 36" wide by 30" long.

for full dimensions click here.


Other Stone instruments

This one made for the National children's Museum of Jordan

I can also make stone instruments out of rough and semi rough stone, big and small, with varying amounts of resonance.

Chimasaur & Chimasaur Jr.

The Chimasaurs hold a wealth of sound experience; each one is a unique piece with a unique sound!

These are made of repurposed propane tanks of 30" and 24" diameter respectively.The pipes and bars along the side are tuned to specific pitches, while the welded on elements are more experimentally tuned. You customize the color combinations: the base coat is a very durable powder coat, the accent colors are enamel. For indoor or outdoor use.

Chimasaur - $2,500.  (left photo)

Chjimasaur Jr.-$2050
Attached mallets (mid & right photo)- add $180  

For base color options click here. For gallery of previous color combos.     For dimension specs Fulls size:          Jr:


Chime Wall

These are very lively sounding, pentatonically tuned, resonant chimes set in a choice of pressure treated or White Cedar frame. These can be made to either plant in the ground, bolt to a footing or deck, or attach to a structure or wall.

The basic Chime Wall (shown right, PT frame) goes for $850
With 4 attached mallets (shown left, PT frame), $900

Cedar frame, add $50
Extra unattached mallets- $15/ pair 

For dimensions and specs:


Aluminum Gong


A fairly simple, but resonant gong. The "dimpled" center helps clarify the tone.

Made from 3/16" aluminum sheet. Can hang from a tee branch, playground structure, or stand.

36" Gong (pictured) - $395
30" Gong - $275
24" Gong - $170 

attached mallet- add $25

With frame- add $325

Custom Musical Instruments:

I'm also happy to create something out of your ideas or special considerations. Heres a sampling of some past custom outdoor musical instruments.


Pretty much speaks for itself. A good  lesson in the potential use of junk material.

Mega Junkaphone:

Built for the Science Museum of British Columbia. One side is tuned to a pentatonic scale, the others are more ad lib. See/hear a portion of it played during assembly in this mini  documentary. (My SHD Whale Drums in the background)


An experiment in expanding on the Whale Drum design. Now travels with a carnival.

For more information, or to Order Contact designer and maker, Jim Doble
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