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Stone's inherently low vibration gives it an unusual timbre not found in other marimbas. The lowest notes are gutsy and rich in overtones, the higher notes are sharp and clear, while all are surprisingly resonant. Each note has a slightly different tonal quality to it. while the slate and smooth granite lithphones have relatively uniform tonal quality, the rough stone can vary widely.

This Mongo Stonaphone was made for the National Children's Museum of Jordan. 

Slate Lithophones:

These Lithophones are made from repurposed slate roof shingles averaging 1/4" thick and full of character (notice some of the old nail holes). The bases are usually made of local oak. 

These can easily be made in other configurations and tunings if you wish.


Pentatonically tuned. I use the very sweet, resonant mid range for these.

$195   ( six notes , ~ 22" x 12")

Pentatonic Stonaphone:

$235 (8 Notes,  ~29"x 14")

Diatonic Stonaphone:

$275 (10  Notes, ~33"x 16")

2 Octave Chromatic Stonaphone:

C-4 - C6. The sound texture varies from bright and crisp in the high end to heavy and resonant on the low on this Lithophone. 

The two bases  can either be pushed together for the chromatic playability, or used separately. Dull sounding "filler" keys cover the gaps in the accidentals base.

$745  (25 notes,  ~ 55" x 34")

3 Octave Chromatic Stonaphone:

C-3 - C6.  I'm stretching the limits of the tonal quality on the lower octave. but it's there if you need it.

Each of the two bases is in two sections for portability. This one takes up some space!

Availability depends on access to long pieces for the bass octave.  Hear one played on youtube.

$985  (37 notes. ~74" x 34")

Rough Stone Lithophones:

There are a variety of options for Lithophones made of rough natural or semi natural stone. These would have varying tonal quality. depending on the stone available.

Mama Stonaphone:

This Lithphone is made from  very dense granite counter top cut offs. Has a very nice tone and sustain. See pricing/ options on  "Playground" page.

The beautiful enshrining of this rough Stonaphone was conceived and designed by Vicky Flessner of PLAYceMAKER; and built by Brian Somerville.  It resides at the 2nd Presbyterian Weekday School in Louisville, KY.

enshrined stonaphone.jpeg
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