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I love wood! Every piece has its own individual grain, tone, color, and feel. All the wood I use is well seasoned locally grown or salvaged, as I don't believe in cutting trees from tropical rain forests (where most wood for mallet percussion comes from). Some of my instrument bases utilize old salvaged wood or wood I cut from dead trees. I find old wood can be richer tonally and much more interesting aesthetically. Due to using local woods, the pitch of the instrument will vary with the level of humidity; but it should stay in tune with itself.

The Sound sample was using the large rubber  mallets (soft bass tone), and the standard mallets (reinforced rubber coated sticks)

Finished spruce Amadinda
12 notes (6'x3', stand up to play).....$345

Unfinished spruce Amadinda
(put together, but needs sanding and oiling)...$225

For a heftier version of the Amadinda, please see my "Playground" page.


Stands for the Amadinda (Sold separately) :
Heavy duty (shown)......$210

Unfinished spruce.....$125

Shipping the stands, because of bulk, is pricey. you might consider hanging these from trees or posts.


A seven note version of the regular Amadinda.
Can hang like a hammock (best) or lie on the floor.
Unfinished Spruce.....$105



This Amadinda is a derivative of the Ugandan "Amadinda" xylophone. My version, made of well seasoned spruce 2"x4"s, is suspended on nylon rope and sometimes mistaken for a hammock. The tone is bright, clear, and resonant. It's tuned pentatonicaly (no dissonance) and large enough for four people to play. It's a great jamming instrument sounding fullest with two or more players, and great music therapy for anyone needing to work out a hard day or celebrate a good one. For more Amadinda and Ugandan Amadinda info click here.


Amadinda Mallets

Amadindas come with 3 prs. of mallets.
extras are $20per pr.


Also available are large natural rubber headed mallets which create a soft, clear, resonant sound on the bass notes.


1 1/2" natural rubber or neoprene mallets.....$18 pr.
2" natural rubber or neoprene mallets.....$23 pr.


A visual delight as well as a musical one. 
The keys of this xylophone are each a different type (and color) hardwood.
pentatonic scale, the tones are bright and match each other nicely. 
Built solid to be able to take a beating from young percussionists.

8 notes - $315

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