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Metal is an incredibly resonant sound source. In designing these metallophones and "gongs", I try to make the most out of their vibrational possibilities. With the exception of some wrenchophones, I usually tune these pentatonicaly. My metallophones are resonant enough that other tunings would mean some overlapping sound and disharmony. These are closely related to the more traditional vibraphone,celesta, glockenspiel, and the Balinese gender and saron. Only I use copper pipe, thick aluminum, wrenches, and old water tanks to achieve a wider spectrum and possibly more interesting sound in my metallophones.

In addition to the instruments below, I also make metallophones out of aluminum plate , brass pipe, steel, and a wide range of "gongy" sculpture out of metal tanks and assorted scrap. See experimental instruments​, sound therapy instruments, and instruments for playgrounds.

Pipe Harp:

Made from copper pipe, these are very resonant, bright, and beautiful sounding instruments. Named Pipe Harp because, when you strum across the pipes, there is an ethereal harp like quality to the sound.

12 note Pentatonic Pipe Harp - $435 (~ 16" long)


This metallaphone is extremely resonant with lots of sustain. It's made from 1 1/4" aluminum pipe and takes up some space! I usually make this in a pentatonic version (shown left); but if you really want it all, and have some room, I can make these diatonic or chromatic (shown below). They can come in a great variety of tunings and sizes. For size reference Middle C is about 3 feet long (longest pipe shown below).

11 note pentatonic Cosmophone - $435

25 note chromatic Cosmophone - 945


Made from 5/8"bolts. This is surprisingly bright sounding and pleasing to the ear.

8 notes - $205

Other Metallophones:

See descriptions and prices for these and more on my Whale Drums and Fungiphones, Playground Instruments, and Experimental Instruments pages.


Yup, made from old wrenches. usually surprises people with how nice it sounds. there's some shift in tonal quality. especially in the larger sizes, but the notes are generally bright and clear.

8 note pentatonic Wrenchaphone - $215

2 octave chromatic Wrenchaphone - $605

Custom sizes are also available.

Currently my Supply of wrenches is limited, so can only make the smaller sizes for now. 3 octave shown below.

Now Carrying RAV Vast Drums!
Ok, so I didn't make these, but they are ever so awesome a pan type drum!!!
Please check them out on my new RAV page.
Rav Vast top view.png
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