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Sound and vibration have an incredible impact on all parts of our existence. Most of us are aware of the emotional response we can have to sound and music; but there is also a very real physiological  response that happens as well.

We, and everything around us, are basically made of tiny vibrating particles. Each of our cells adapts to the frequencies that they are exposed to. When a tone is applied to a cell it actually changes shape in response.  When we hear different sound or music, it can totally alter neurological activity in our brain. Vibration applied to the body can activate our cell activity and open up space to allow healing  to happen.  Different sounds or music can stimulate emotional responses or trigger memories that affect us physiologically.

In short, sound and vibration can be subtle but potent allies in healing: emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Below are some musical instruments that I've created and use specifically for sound healing and therapy work. Here is the link to the page for my Sound Therapy Practice.

Gong Tunnel:

If you've ever experienced a gong bath, this takes the experience up a notch. The enclosed space amplifies the subtleties of these large gongs at a low overall volume. You exit it a slightly different person.

Made from an old  1,000 gallon propane tank.

The Whale:

This is played from the inside.The best I can describe the experience is something like being inside a gong. Truly incredible sonic experience: meditative and transformative.

The two ends are tuned to beats. You strike one tongue and they all resonate.

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The Whale now has a companion:

The Yellow Submarine

This was one of my many "Covid projects"., I wanted to make a version that was easier to get in and out of. If anything, this one is even more mind altering than the original.

Kundalini Chimes:

This was created to get energy moving. it was inspired by working with a friend going through intense kundalini emergence with some very stuck energy.  

The largest chime is about 9' tall. The Chimes alternate between corresponding relative to the different chakras, to the fifths in-between. The fifths are what helps move the energy. The client lies underneath , legs straddling the longest chime.


I find glass very useful in the more subtle sound therapy work.. The tone is soft, gentle, and resonant; so it is very meditative and easy to absorb.

The two sides are tuned as beats to one another.

River Drum:

This has two very low tuned glass  bars tuned as beats to a theta frequency. you sit on an end and play. It is quite simple , yet very entrancing and soothing. I can easily and happily play for twenty minutes or so just on those two notes.

On Body Aquabeat +:

I designed this version of the aquarian to lay on ones torso. The tinted keys are tuned to resonate relative to the various chakras, the clear bars are beat notes. Both relaxing and energizing at the same time.


The clear keys are tuned pentatonically. the tinted keys are beat notes. Very relaxing to play and to listen to.

See the Glass Instruments page if you're interested in purchasing one.

Beat Frequencies
RAV Vast

Ok: no, I don't make these. But I just started carrying these hand pans along with my instruments, and they are incredibly therapeutic to play and listen to. 

Please check them out on my RAV page!

Rav Vast top view.png
AboutBeat Frequencies:

Beat frequencies happen when either you have two notes played simultaneously that are close each other in pitch, or two notes played simultaneously one in each ear (called a binaural beat frequency). You hear the two notes plus feel a third which is tuned to the difference between the frequencies: the beat frequency. The pitch of the beat frequency is far lower than we can consciously hear, but you can hear a kind of wavering "wa,wa,wa". This frequency can be tuned to match the frequencies of our brain in various states of consciousness. Through entrainment (the "craving" of similar frequencies to beat as one), we can actually lead our brain into different states of consciousness.

This is basically how "mind machines" and subliminal tapes work: By setting up a series of beat frequencies to bring your mind to a receptive state of conscience. As I don't necessarily trust giving over my brain to a tape or machine, I use the same principals in user-controlled musical instruments. I usually take a pentatonic tuning and add various "beat" notes next to the regular notes [Miriam's Aquarion and Kat's Bridge on the Experimental page, Aquabeat  on the Glass Instruments page and most of the below instruments]. I usually tune the beat frequency to help lead one into a Theta mind state. Theta is the most intuitive state of mind between asleep and awake. It's the only time the two halves of the brain synchronize, and your mind is literally expanded. It's where most forms of meditation intend to take you.

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